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Heartbeatplaces, 25 August 2018 (on Tripadvisor)

 Words are not enough to describe our amazing trip with Gurvinder in March 2018 - Read our FAQ 

Review of Rajasthan Travels

Reviewed 25 August 2018 

We've  spent two unforgettable weeks with Gurvinder in March 2018 in which he  showed us around in Delhi, Agra and in Rajasthan (Jaipur, Pushkar,  Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Mandawa). Not only is Gurvinder a very  safe and responsible driver, we got along so well with each other that  going with him was like being on a road trip with a good friend. In the  end we have enjoyed our time in the car as much as seeing the beautiful  places that he has shown us.

I know that you are reading my  review because you want to find out if he will be the right one for your  trip to India. You will have a lot of questions for which you hope you  will find the answers after reading this review. That's why I decided to  put together an FAQ- list and hopefully provide you with the answers  that you might be having or in other words which we had before we  decided to travel with him.

1. How exact do our plans need to be when we contact him?

Actually,  you can even contact him if you do not even have your flight dates yet.  But if you do, you can tell him when you want to come and in case you  already have an idea of what places you want to see, you can just add  the extra information. Gurvinder will help you put together a nice  itinerary that is both sensible in terms of driving times as well as  suitable according to your wishes. Do not hesitate to tell him your  exact expectations. Even if you do not have a clue what to see, you can  tell him how many days you want to stay and he will fix a nice itinerary  for you.

2. Do I have to speak English well?

In fact, it  makes things less complicated if you do at least speak and understand a  little bit of English. Gurvinder's English skills are really good and  reach beyond "normal every-day communication". He is able to give you  information about Indian life, culture and religion easily. Also it is  nice to discuss about politics, philosophy and differences in our  cultures. As Gurvinder has studied philosophy, religion and geography at  university, there will always be something that might be interesting to  talk about.
Additionally, Gurvinder is eagerly learning German at  the moment and in case you are from Germany, he will be happy to impress  you with whatever he can already say in German.

3. Can we be sure he will really pick us up?

I  have to admit for us it was an unusual feeling to fly into Delhi for  the first time, not knowing if the person with whom we have only been in  touch via email will really pick us up. But I can assure you that you  can rely on him 200%. Not only will he pick you up at the airport, he  will be absolutely punctual any time you want to meet him on your tour.  And I am German, I know what it means to be on time ;-)

4. Will he just drop us at the sights or will he also show us around?

Basically,  I would say that it will be mostly up to you to decide. There are  sights or places in which he can walk with you and explain a few things  (only if you want) and there are others in which he cannot because there  are guides who also offer their services and they do not like drivers  to compete with them. He will always let you know if he can accompany  you or not. And in case you always like to walk on your own, he will  patiently wait in the car until you will be back.

5. Can we walk around on our own if we want to?

Yes,  you can just tell him you want to spend some time on your own. Anyway  he will make sure to give you useful tips if you decide to walk without  him. He will tell you how to behave so that you will not be tricked by  people who want to get your money somehow, but what you can do to  respectfully get rid of them. Travelling with Gurvinder is hassle-free  and always save in any way.

6.  Does he only offer fixed routes or can we negotiate our itinerary?

If  you already have a fixed idea of what you want to see, he will put your  itinerary together so that it will suit your needs and wishes. Don't  hesitate to ask him for recommendations or let him also suggest a few  stops. He has been on these routes so many times, that he will probably  know better than you what is worth seeing. He will only show you what  you really want to see and never take you to any places that you are not  interested in. You are absolutely free in deciding how long you want to  stay in the different places and how long your will last. Gurvinder  offers anything from day trips to tours that take more than three weeks.

7. Will we be safe with him?

Yes,  yes and yes. Not only is he a very safe driver whose car is a very good  condition, he also always makes sure you can cross busy roads safely or  if you walk with him in crowded places he is always close to you and  very attentive. Even if he can only drop you at a place he provides you  with good tips how to handle touts or Indians who want to take pictures  of you.

8. Will he book our hotels or can/ must we do it?

Again,  he will adapt to your needs and wishes. If you want to choose and book  hotels on your own, you can do this. But Gurvinder also knows some good  hotels in all the places he will take you to, that he can recommend. He  makes sure the hotels are clean and guests are happy with his choice.  Don't be afraid that you will have to pay more if you book hotels with  him - on the contrary there are many hotels in which he can get special  rates which you will never find yourself on the internet. So in the end  you might even save some money if you book your hotels with him. You can  even ask him for rates before deciding. He will tell you what prices he  can get and you can compare yourself.

9. What kind of restaurants will he recommend?

Gurvinder's  main priority on your whole trip will be that you are happy and stay  healthy at all times. So whenever he takes you to a restaurant, he makes  sure he picks restaurants in which cleanliness is above average. You  can always tell him what you want: Indian, Italian, vegetarian, non-veg,  fancy, authentic, or if you want to try something new. Trust his  experience, he knows that Europeans/ Western cultures might have  difficulties with Indian food some times. But he will never knowingly  put you at risk. Also he always provides you with clean bottled (ice  cold) water on your trip.
On our trip we have even tried food from  stalls on the street that Gurvinder has picked for us. We have eaten in  places which we would have never chosen on our own and were so glad that  we could make these amazing culinary experiences. It has enriched our  overall experience in India a lot.

10. What if we still get sick?

Honestly,  it would be too much to promise that with Gurvinder it never happens  that some guests might still get sick. But in this case you can only be  glad you are with him. He is very understanding and always worried about  your well-being. He can accompany you to a pharmacy, doctor, hospital  and can also provide you with very useful tips about what to do or what  to eat.  

11. What kind of person is he?

Simply put, Gurvinder is one of the kindest, most honest and most responsible people I have ever met in my whole life.
Not  only is he very professional when it comes to driving, taking care of  his guests and catering for their wishes, he also has a great sense of  humour and will soon become a good friend without much ado. Getting  along with him is very easy and feels very natural, never distant. Our  time with him in the car was always fun and relaxing. He has a big heart  and a kind soul and is quick-witted when it comes to making jokes or  understanding sarcasm.

12. How and when do we pay him?

You  will pay him cash during your stay. This can be at the end of your tour  or in between. As Indian ATMs are often not very reliable in terms of  availability of money, it makes sense to stop at an ATM every now and  then and get some money.

13. Why should we choose him?

If  you are not convinced yet that Gurvinder will be the right one for your  trip, here are some more benefits that choosing him as your driver might  bring along:

- he generously provides you with a hotspot from his mobile if you have need for internet
- he can also give you an Indian SIM card so that you can call him at any time or use internet
-  if your tour allows it, he will organise a stop at his house in a small  village in Rajasthan with his mom preparing an authentic Indian meal  for you - for us this was one of the highlights of the trip
- he can  also organise and book all kinds of different activities for you (animal  watching, camel safari and night(s) in the Thar desert, ...).

I  cannot recall a single situation in which he was not willing to walk the  extra mile for us and make sure we were always pleased and happy. He  does this with such an easiness that you'll never have the feeling that  anything you ask him for is too much.

I hope I could help you  decide for Gurvinder as your driver in India and could answer some of  the questions or wipe out doubts you might have had. Whenever I will go  back to India, I will never even think about choosing anyone else and I  also know that Gurvinder has many guests who come back and see him  almost every year.


Sebastian, 18 June 2018 (on Tripadvisor)

Like a friend who showed us his amazing country

We  wanted to get a first impression of India, so we just spent one week in  February to visit Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Pushkar. We read about  Gurvinder on tripadvisor and lonely planet, so we contacted him and  decided to try him as our guide and driver.
And what he gave us was  much more than a first impression. After a friendly welcome in the  middle of the night, we got an unforgettable journey. Gurvinder is very  friendly and attentive and he really wants you to get a feeling for  Indian culture, mentality, politics etc. So he recommended us food which  was always very tasty and which we would never had tasted without him,  took us with him to a meal in a Sikh-temple and even to his familiy with  his mother cooking for us. And with his knowledge about Indian history  and politics and with his great humour, he made even long drives  diverting and intersting. We also felt always safe with him.
Apart  from that Gurvinder was very sensitive and always noticed when we wanted  to explore some parts of our destinations on our own and let us make  our own experiences.

So even in one short week, we learned so  much and saw so many things that we started to love India. And it felt  like we have a new friend now, who we will visit again very soon and ask  him to show us more of his beautiful, amazing country.
We recommend  Gurvinder to everyone who is curious and open-minded and wants to get  more from his holidays than cursory sightseeing.


Danieldottore, 18 August 2018 (on Tripadvisor)

Ho appena concluso un favolo viaggio in India di due settimane. Ho fatto  il giro del Rajasthan e due giorni a Varanasi. Ho organizzaro tutto  insieme a Gurvinder dall’Italia, fino da subito è stato sempre  disponibile, gentile e veloce nelle risposte. Arrivato in India mi ha  accolto in Aereoporto a Delhi insieme all’autista: Javed Khan detto  Sonu. Gurvinder non l’ho più visto ma ogni giorno è stato presente per  telefono, mi ha consigliato e guidato ottimamente. L’autista speciale,  bravissimo ragazzo, sempre preciso, super attento per tutto, davvero  molto professionale. Per la strada per Agra Gurvinder mi ha fatto  passare a casa della madre in un villaggio vero indiano fuori totalmente  dal turismo, la madre mi ha preparato un favoloso pranzo indiano. Prima  di prenotare con Gurvinder ho chiesto molti preventivi ad agenzie  locali, dalle più famose facilmente reperibili a quelle un po’ meno. Con  lui ho avuto il prezzo migliore e adesso di ritorno posso confermare  anche la qualità del servizio. Alberghi tutti puliti e accoglienti e in  ottime posizione e tutto il resto. Sento di consigliare Gurvinder e il  driver Sonu a chiunque voglia partire per questo paese fantastico. Una  Garanzia. Grazie Andrea Iacovella 


Frida und Florian, 29. März 2018 (on Tripadvisor)

Wir sind drei unvergessliche Wochen mit Gurvinder durch Rajasthan und  Uttar Pradesh unterwegs gewesen. Den vielen begeisterten Menschen, die  vor uns eine Reise mit ihm unternommen haben und ihre Bewertung verfasst  haben, können wir uns bedingungslos anschließen. Wir sind durch die  Tripadvisor Bewertungen auf ihn aufmerksam geworden.
Gurvinder hat  uns sein Land in einer Intensität näher gebracht, die wir als  Alleinreisende nie erfahren hätten. Zusätzlich zu den  Sehenswürdigkeiten, die zum Ziel eines jeden Reisenden gehören, hat er  uns ein Stück "real India" näher gebracht. Er kennt die Sagen der  Ramayana, hat uns die hinduistische Götterwelt näher gebracht, wir haben  uns an manchen Abenden über die gesellschaflichen Strukturen in Indien  unterhalten. Gurvinder ist feinfühlig und humorvoll, er ist in den drei  Wochen, die wir gemeinsam verbracht haben zu einem Freund geworden. Auf  den über 3400 km, die wir mit ihm gefahren sind hatten wir uns bei den  chaotischen indischen Verkehr immer sicher gefühlt. Wir sind können  allen Reisenden, die vor uns mit ihm unterwegs waren zustimmen- für all  die wunderbaren Erlebnissen möchten wir uns bei Gurvinder bedanken. Wir  kommen wieder! 


Tessa, 15 January 2017 (on Tripadvisor)

Careful safe driver

Drove  from Agra, to Jaipuronto Jaisalmer and finally to Jodphur. We were  picked up on time at Agra with our driver Tara, who is a very nice man,  we immeadiately felt safe and relaxed with him. Some of the roads were  very rough to say the least but Tara drove as carefully as he could.  Tara was was reliable, gentle and polite and always good for a chat. We  stuggled with exchanging money because of the currency withdrawal in  India but Tara helped us to find places to exchange. Thanks for a lovely  trip.